Blue Lotus

We can make all your favorite specialty drinks. Be sure to ask your bartender or waitress for our daily specials


Irish Specialties:

  • Irish Buck: A sweet and smooth taste of Irish whiskey paired with the spice notes of ginger and just a touch of acid from the lime squeeze (2oz Irish whiskey, tablespoon fresh lime juice, oz ginger ale)
  • Jameson with a Pickle Back: RARE is the guy who will do a shot of Jameson followed by a shot of pickle juice without making a face (1 shot of Jameson Irish Whiskey and 1 shot of pickle juice)
  • Dirty Leprechaun: One part Blue Lotus, one part energy and a shot of vodka
  • Lucky Shamrock: Buy five shots or shooters at the discount price for doing it "Irish Style"

Irish Buck and Jameson with a Pickle Back